Accelerating Change: A Strategic Partnership for delaPlex and Tryon Solutions

Written by delaPlex
February 09,2021

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delaPlex + Tryon Solutions Partnership will help better serve clients by empowering them to be ready for continuous deployments and automated testing.

ATLANTA, GA AND RALEIGH, N.C. delaPlex and Tryon Solutions, makers of Cycle Test Automation, are excited to announce a strategic, collaborative partnership. This partnership will help better serve new and existing clients by empowering them to be ready for continuous deployments and automated testing - a must as organizations look to spur change across their supply chains.

“More than ever, companies are under pressure to accelerate digital transformation. We are excited to partner with delaPlex to provide our joint clients with the necessary capabilities to implement rapid and continuous deployment,” says Josh Owen, CEO and Co-Founder at Tryon Solutions. “The combination of delaPlex’s talented team of experts and our Cycle platform creates a powerful solution empowering organizations to accelerate change, innovation and digital transformation,” adds Owen.

“Testing improves major components of software quality, reliability, and scalability. Engineering teams need to be able to confidently rely on testing. Testing confidence improves team velocity, allowing developers to rapidly test and deploy solutions. delaPlex recognizes the need to prioritize the importance of testing,” says Bruce How, Regional VP at delaPlex. “Which is why we’re thrilled to partner with Tryon Solutions and Cycle Test Automation to address these gaps to further enhance our new Testing-as-a-Service offering.”

This year exposed major gaps in nearly every aspect of the supply chain. This partnership aims to help clients gain a competitive advantage following the pandemic. Consumers expectations are at an all-time high, and the need to accelerate change across client supply chains must follow suit. Test automation, as part of a continuous upgrade strategy, can help ensure that unpredicted stressors don’t significantly disrupt supply chains, or further impact customer satisfaction.

While 2020 was challenging for all, Tryon Solutions and delaPlex are looking forward to and preparing for a big 2021. We want to help our clients excel in the new year, and we both believe test automation can help that happen. delaPlex and Cycle are excited to come together and help our clients use this time to recoup, fix existing problems, and be better prepared for unexpected roadblocks into the future.

About Tryon Solutions:
Tryon Solutions, makers of Cycle Test Automation, are WMS and Test Automation experts. Tryon Solutions has extensive experience with end-to-end implementations, upgrades and optimization services for Warehouse Management Systems and associated solutions. They are revolutionizing implementation approaches with the Cycle Test Automation platform to help customers bring confidence to enterprise system deployments by reducing risk, lost hours, and lost revenue. For more information, visit

About delaPlex:
delaPlex is a global custom software development and business solutions provider. Since 2008, we've been focused on enabling business growth through scaling development capabilities. Comprising four separate, yet complimentary business divisions: Development Services, Supply Chain Consulting, Cloud Services, and Data Science, delaPlex is committed to providing organizations the expertise and support they need to reach their business goals. For more information, visit or call +1.404.876.3334 x1.

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