delaPlex Adds Strategic Advisor Martin Reynolds to Its Supply Chain Digital Transformation Team

Written by delaPlex
May 19,2022

delaPlex Adds Strategic Advisor Martin Reynolds to Its Supply Chain Digital Transformation Team

Marty Reynolds, a workforce and supply chain veteran, is hired as a new strategic advisor for delaPlex.

ATLANTA, May 19, 2022 - delaPlex Digital, a leader in workforce management and supply chain consulting, announced that Martin 'Marty' Reynolds, formerly VP of Pre-sales North America for Blue Yonder, has joined delaPlex as a Strategic Advisor.


Marty is a workforce and supply chain veteran with over 40 years of leadership experience in the industry. He spent the last ten years with Blue Yonder holding various leadership positions focused on leading Blue Yonder clients through digital transformations. At delaPlex, he'll work with a team of supply chain experts to support current and future clients through digital transformation initiatives that add value to their operations.

Manish Sachdeva, Chief Executive Officer of delaPlex Group, said, "Marty is an exceptional executive who's passionate about creating value. delaPlex has been working with Marty's team as a Blue Yonder Alliance Partner for nearly a decade, and we're excited to evolve our partnership through his new strategic advising role."

Martin-Reynolds-147Prior to his time at Blue Yonder, Marty led many organizations' supply chain and workforce management operations. He's looking forward to leveraging this hands-on experience in retail operations and logistics within delaPlex's existing supply chain teams and highly focused Centers of Excellence (CoEs).

These CoEs help delaPlex's clients optimize their supply chain operations in the face of pandemic-era disruptions. They lean on delaPlex's expert consulting services to proactively lower costs while driving efficiency and increasing the value of their services.

Marty's arrival at delaPlex furthers the organization's position as a strategic consulting partner that helps clients navigate recent supply chain disruptions, accelerate digital transformation, and prepare their businesses for future success.

As Marty explains, "delaPlex invests in people who bring deep domain knowledge in niche areas of supply chain and digital transformation. I'm most excited about the people I'll be working with and their experience in specific domains. I get the opportunity to mentor a great team while also helping delaPlex's clients achieve measurable value from their transformation projects."

About delaPlex:
delaPlex is a global custom software development and business solutions provider. Since 2008, we've been focused on enabling business growth through scaling development capabilities. Comprising four separate, yet complimentary business divisions: Development Services, Supply Chain Consulting, Cloud Services, and Data Science, delaPlex is committed to providing organizations the expertise and support they need to reach their business goals.

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