COVID-19 Accelerates Trend for a Remote Workforce

Written by delaPlex
April 24,2020

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We are all facing unprecedented business challenges due to the current pandemic, and yet we continue. COVID-19, while wholly disruptive, is a technology accelerant.

No one expected the future of technology to arrive as fast as it has amid the fallout from COVID-19, forcing tech companies, governments and people everywhere to adapt on the fly.

A trend towards making humans highly productive, in everything from AI to telecommuting, was already in place before COVID-19. All the challenges they bring were also going to happen — from impacting the workforce to how they play out in cybersecurity. All indications are that these trends have been and will be drastically accelerated by the pandemic.

While COVID-19 has negatively impacted the world, it also serves as a trigger point. Embracing remote work and virtual collaboration is a critical step employers can take to address the increasing complexity of the current crisis.

Embrace a remote workforce

There is a new urgency for answering major questions about utilizing a remote workforce. The recent crisis has proven that companies can operate remotely, with positions that have historically never been considered work-from-home still being performed. Business functions that have never relied on web conferences and text messaging conversations are finding a way.

Can you put Pandora back in a box?

Someday soon, it won’t even be new. “Remote work,” will simply be “work.” And because necessity is the mother of invention, we’re being pushed toward that future more quickly than anyone ever imagined.

From where we now find ourselves standing, it’s just not that much farther of a leap to working with teams across the globe. Business is still happening - it just looks different. Now is the time to embrace the change and be prepared for the future.

A global, digital workspace

Digitally capable work, including software development, is already increasingly remote and global. With a digital workspace, you can fill needs based on wherever you find the best qualified engineers. Sometimes, the best candidates are in faraway geographic regions.

A merit-driven system delivers the “best of the best” candidates, no matter where they’re located, and no matter where they work. Be it from home, or within an office, top talent is not confined to one region of the country or kept exclusively to a corporate office. 

Optimize, don’t paralyze

Companies that quickly adapt are more likely to survive. Even after the immediate danger subsides, we’re going to be looking at a radically different world post COVID-19. 

Challenges may arise trying to virtually enable communication, collaboration, and a human connection for a new remote workforce. Working with a technology partner like delaPlex with years of  experience managing remote teams can make all the difference. When done right, a global, remote workforce is highly productive

In the long term, COVID-19 going to change the way we work and so much more.

We will all get through this together. Stay well.