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5 Ways to Kickstart Your Mobile App Development Project

Written by delaPlex
November 09,2021

Developing a successful mobile app starts long before your teams write their first lines of code. It requires careful planning, and consideration of various factors that affect how well users and partners will respond to your new application.

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Challenges of Digital Transformation in the Healthcare Industry

Written by Mark Rivers
November 20,2020

In the era of digital transformation, almost every industrial sector has embraced systems to modernize practices and processes to serve people better. Despite advances in science and medication, the healthcare industry has been lagging behind when it comes to digital transformation.

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How to Support and Scale Your In-House Team Through Outsourcing

November 03,2020

Tech companies are expected to keep up with the ever-changing market, trends, and emerging technologies on a near-continuous basis. The question is how? Read on to learn how in-house engineering teams can leverage outsourcing for support and scalability.

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