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How to Maintain a Healthy Remote Work Culture with Distributed Teams

Written by delaPlex
September 02,2021

While remote employment options have existed for over a decade, COVID-19 rapidly turned remote work from a potential alternative to an absolute necessity. And even as we wind down from months of COVID regulations, 78% of CEOs agree that remote collaboration is here to stay for the long term.

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How to Power Your Digital Transformation with Cloud Migration

Written by delaPlex
December 01,2020

According to Gartner, cloud computing is one of the most disruptive forces in information technology (IT) since the dawn of the digital age. Several organizations are using the cloud for new IT initiatives and replacing legacy systems with cloud-based solutions. The result is what Gartner calls...

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Challenges of Digital Transformation in the Healthcare Industry

Written by Mark Rivers
November 20,2020

In the era of digital transformation, almost every industrial sector has embraced systems to modernize practices and processes to serve people better. Despite advances in science and medication, the healthcare industry has been lagging behind when it comes to digital transformation.

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